About Travelpath.co.uk

What is travelpath.co.uk?

Travelpath.co.uk, thanks to its search engine, is a site where you can rapidly visualize, compare and book flights from over 400 low cost and traditional airlines. You can use either simple or advanced search in real time for each route. In the simple search you can set up filters in order to highlight only the flights that exactly meet your needs. With the advanced search, which you can use if you are more flexible on date/time of departure, you are able to look at flights on previous or next days/weeks to the originally posted criteria. This way you can choose a particular time of the day or more convenient airlines.

How does travelpath.co.uk work?

The prices you see after having set up the airports of departure and destination are those indicated by the airlines. However, the data is updated at this stage in 75% of the cases. The actual final price in the remaining cases will always be shown to you before you complete the booking. In fact on the booking page you proceed with: (1) confirmation of price from airline if it coincides with initially selected one (2) up dating of price by airline if it differs from initially selected one on previous pages. In any case at page 4 you ALWAYS get prices updated by airlines, valid at the moment of request and useful before booking.

How does it get updated?

Our search engine continually searches flights, routes and conditions obtained directly from airlines. All prices and information regarding the flights in our database are confirmed and updated by the airlines linked to our search engine.

What airlines are included in travelpath.co.uk search engine?

A complete list would be too long..... at the moment travelpath.co.uk allows you to search for your flight from over 400 airlines, both low cost and traditional ones. All of them are deemed reliable by the Civil Aviation Authority.

I have some problem browsing the site. On what may it depend?

Some customers complain about display errors (empty menu windows, no possibility to select some available routes or proceed with booking...etc). Usually they are not due to travelpath.co.uk website technical problems, but bugs in the browser being used during the navigation. In this case we advise you to update your computer with a software for Internet navigation in order to have the latest version compatible with most websites. If you still have problems please contact customerservice@travelpath.co.uk.

Is it possible to give you feedback on technical problems?

If you have visualization problems despite having updated browsers you can contact us on customerservice@travelpath.co.uk. Our technical team will look into the issue if you give us detailed information. We will work in order to solve the problem as soon as possible.

What kind of browser does assure a perfect navigation through travelpath.co.uk website?

travelpath.co.uk recommends the use of Internet Explorer 6.0 for a correct navigation of the site.

Which is the travelpath.co.uk advertising agency?

If you want to advertise with us please e-mail to: advertising@travelpath.co.uk

Can I contact travelpath.co.uk to submit my professional curriculum?

You can browse the jobs we are advertising on our Careers page. We will contact you if your curriculum vitae matches our requirements for the job which you have applied for.